Welcome to the Volunteer Team!


Welcome to The Green House volunteer program at The El Paso Cancer Treatment Center, an affiliate practice of US Oncology, America's premiere cancer services company and the largest oncology network in the nation. Your contribution of time is most generous and appreciated. Communicating with sick adults and children, their families and the public requires maturity, understanding and patience. Your desire to be a volunteer shows your support of the work we do here. We know that both patients and staff alike will benefit greatly from your presence here at the El Paso Cancer Treatment Center. Please read this manual carefully, it is your source of general information regarding our facility.

In becoming a part of the volunteer program with The Green House at The El Paso Cancer Treatment Center, you have joined a team of people dedicated to high-quality patient care. It is our belief that working together as a team and sharing a common objective of excellent service has earned the center the recognition of being one of the finest in this area.

We invite your input and suggestions at any time to help our volunteer program better serve the needs of patients. On behalf of the staff at the El Paso Cancer Treatment Center and The Green House, we express our deepest gratitude for your caring commitment to our program. We extend to you a very warm welcome and THANK YOU for your willingness to serve these very special people and join our continued fight against cancer.


Volunteer Program - Mission

 The mission and purpose of The Green House volunteer program at The El Paso Cancer Treatment Center is to provide desirable services for patients and staff, which augment and are supplemental to the services provided by the paid staff.

The volunteer staff is dedicated to developing and maintaining an efficient and humanistic approach, which offers an extra dimension of care and service to patients, empathy for families and visitors, and supportive services for the facility's staff.

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